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  • February 2019
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Continuing Education is key to becoming a great clinical dentist. The AACA strives to provide its members with the most innovative and cutting-edge, techniques and technology in the field of Clear Aligner Therapy.

When patients receive treatment from an AACA member, they can expect exceptionally educated and talented providers who are not only on the forefront of the field of Clear Aligner Therapy, but will provide the highest quality of patient care.

The AACA provides various ways it's members may acquire credits towards continuing clinical education requirements:

  • Online learning through podcasts and webinars, by the top specialists practicing Clear Aligner Therapy.
  • Printed and online versions of AACA'S peer-reviewed, quarterly Journal.
  • Attend our annual AACA conference and other AACA related speaking engagements for ongoing learning and networking opportunities.
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